Below is a preliminary list of boats that will be available for trials during this years’ forum.
The list will be continuously updated with information and technical specifications.

 Would you like to bring a boat to the forum?
Please let us know boats@hsbo.org


Alamarin A25 Cabin

Alamarin-Jet RSV-1 

Aluventure 11000XE

Boomeranger C-950D 

D-Torque Demo Boat

Goldfish HardTop M12

Hydrolift P42 SAR

JFD SEAL Carrier

Norsafe Marathon 900 RHIB-D

Norsafe Munin S-1200 Open Triple Outboard

Norsafe Magnum 850 Twin Jet

Ophardt Maritim SF9

Rafnar Leiftur 1100

Marell 900 “Interceptor”

Tideman Boats RBB 900 WJ

Stormer Marine – Rescue 75

USMI #1 – 11 Meter Naval Special Warfare Rigid Inflatable Boat

USMI #2 – 43′ “NUNYA”

MFS Tecnogroup 4.7m

Pro-Safe AS

Spectre Hellboy

Spectre Education 11m RHIB

Spectre Education 7.5m RHIB