High speed craft (HSC) operating in a seaway are likely to produce injuries among operators as craft are prone to slamming.  Navatek Ltd. has been working for decades to reduce at-sea motions and increase efficiency on all sizes of marine vehicles.  Recently, the Aft Lifting Body (ALB) motion control device has been demonstrated to significantly reduce slamming on a number of high speed craft, including the Sea Blade 40.  Several recent ALB projects will be discussed to highlight the current state-of-the-art in ALB technology.  Significant improvements in maneuverability with an ALB and decreases in installed weight have been demonstrated.  In-house CFD and simulation tools like Aegir and NavaSim have been benchmarked against real-world sea trial data and can be used to quickly evaluate improvements in HSC motions and accelerations as well as optimize ALB size and performance.