loggagreyGoldfish HardTop M12 RECON Goldfish Professional 


Goldfish Boat AS newest RIB-series designed and built for professional operators with high demand for sea-keeping performance, operational availability and safety.

M12 is our newest platform, engineered and built by Goldfish R&D team, using the best available technology, light-weight and durable materials all combined in a unique three-stepped hull.

M12 sets new standards for stability in high speeds, ergonomics and efficiency, providing professional operators with superior range, cruising speed, fuel efficiency and speed capabilities.

M12 is adapted for various marine operations, from fast response, patrol, interception to ship boarding.
M12 can be customized according to customer’s specifications.
M12 is designed to be powered by latest available marine propulsion systems, compliant with NATO one fuel directive, such as diesel outboard engines, inboard engine with stern drive or outboard engines.

Speed range 55-80kts
Cruising speed 45kts Range up to 400 nm

Company/Organisation : Goldfish Boat AS
Person responsible for Boat : Fredrik Bolstad
Driver of Boat : Torgeir Johnsen
E-mail : Professional@goldfishboat.com
Mobile phone number : +47 414 84 976
Boat type : Special Ops Craft
Boat material : classified
Fuel type : Diesel (F35, F36)
Engine(s) : Mercury Diesel 4.2l TDI + Seacore XR Diesel Drives
Top Speed : 65 kts +
LOA (length, m) : 12.5
BOA (width, m) : 3.3
Dry Weight (kg) : 4000
Capacity PAX : 12+2



Gold FISHIMG_2938
GoldfishProfessional BLACK BLUE 2

Stormer Marine Rescue 75Stormer_R75_sw_850


  • AluminumSeawater resistant ( code 5083)
  • Length overall: 7,70 m
  • Length of hull:7,0 m
  • Beam max: 2,64 m
  • Beam hull: 2,50 m
  • Drought max: 0,46 m
  • Min Freeboard: 0,75 m
  • Seating capacity: 2 + 4 persons
  • Dry weight: 1850 kg
  • Storage bow: 0,7 m3
  • Storage stern: 0,45 m3
  • Drainage: Self draining floor
  • Engine: single or twin outbourd
  • Certification: Ce-C
  • Class Notification: on request


Ophardt Maritim – Prototype SF9

oph sf9 3

This new and revolutionary hull concept with Various Deadrise was never built like this before in aluminum. It was developed in cooperation with Norson Design Works.

The deep V hull has been given an extreme deadrise which allows extended and comfortable trips in the open sea and enables the boat to smoothly ride even with stronger wind and waves.
So the hull performs perfectly even in troubled waters at 60 knots



Aluventure 11000XE

Our goal is to have our industry’s highest customer satisfaction. By building the strongest, safest, and most robust boats, along with a high degree of product customization according to customers’ needs, not to mention first-class service, we aim to make our customers the most satisfied group in our market.

Read more about Aluventure here

Length 11 m
Width 2.9 m
LWL 9.7 m
BWL 2.5 m
Draft 0.66 m (fully load; no engine)
Empty weight 3,950 kg
Max weight 6500 kg
Fuel tank 1,500 liter
Recommended engine 400-900 hp


Engine: Yanmar 6LP-315 Diesel with Alamarin 245 WJ

Seating: 6 x Ullman Compact Seats

SEAL Carrier is an 8-man swimmer delivery vehicle designed for the covert insertion and extraction of combat diver units.

Example applications for a SEAL Carrier include:

  • Delivery of 6-man combat team
  • Host platform for autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Remotely operated weapons platform
  • Harbour patrol vessel
  • Rapid-response anti-piracy craft
  • Mine countermeasure operations
  • A built in breathing system adds extra safety for the divers and enables an extended underwater range
  • Several quick mounts for a variety of weapon systems transforms the craft in to a combat craft

On board sensors and navigation systems work together to provide safe transit and accurate positioning day and night, above or below the surface of the water, regardless of vehicle speed or environmental conditions.

In addition to divers and their personal equipment, SEAL Carrier accommodate additional mission equipment such as sensor and radio equipment, ammunition and explosives, survival equipment and supplies. For operations requiring extended range, the craft can carry additional fuel stored in a separate fuel tank or additional battery packs.

Read more about the SEAL Carrier here


Hydrolift - Eker Design - RS161 - 03 - Photography Glenn RøkebergHydrolift P42 SAR

Dimensional strength: 7G
Length: o.a. 12,6 m
Beam: o.a 3,9 m
Draft: 0.82 m
Speed: 45+ knots
Weight: (full tanks and equipment) 11,2 ton
Bollard pull: 2,4 ton
Hull material: Vacuum infused vinylester and
fiberglass-sandwich composite
RS Class: Staff Class
Radio: GMDSS
Fuel: 700 l
Freshwater: 48 l


Main engines : 2x FPT N67 500HK
Reduction gears : 2x ZF 280
Water-jets : 2x Rolls-Royce 25A3
Bow thruster : Sleipner SEP150 8,8 kW 150kg
Interceptors: 2x Humphree X450


Salvage pumps : 1 x 830 l/min (petrol) 1 x 300 l/min (electric)
Towing : 1 x Disc type hook 2,34 ton
Search light : 1 x 350W EmArc Metal Halide
IR/video camera : 1 x FLIR
PWC (Personal Water Craft) : 1 x SeaDoo Spark
Rescue Frame (from sea) : 1 x Dacon

Hydrolift P42 SAR – Test run from Eker Design on Vimeo.


Norsafe Magnum 850 Twin Jet

Rescue boat designed and manufactured according to the latest SOLAS Classification Society and National Authority requirements.

Boat type Magnum 850
Boat material GRP
Fuel type Diesel
Engine(s) 2x BUKH VGT 450
Top Speed 50 kts
Drive lines Hamilton
LOA (length, m) 9,2
BOA (width, m) 3,25
Dry Weight (kg) 4200
Capacity PAX 12

Read more about the Norsafe Magnum 850 here

Norsafe Munin S-1200 Open

Norsafe Munin S-1200 Open.pngThe design and construction of the open Munin S1200 meets the need for reliable, low maintenance standby and operation. The boat is designed to operate away from land based installations or mother ship for extended periods of time, with sufficient range for long time operation.


A large walk around cabin provides a protected and comfortable environment for crew and passengers. Seats are purpose built with shock absorbing capabilities to provide comfort, and are equipped with 4-point safety belts.

The layout of the boat allows it to perform a broad range of duties as ambulance transport, navy patrol, light combat, police and security patrol, dive support, inspection, border patrol, anti-drug intervention and survey and work boat duties.

Hull and deck

The Munin S1200 is fabricated with multi axial hybrid kevlar reinforced vinylester (GRP) and divinycell sandwich. Longitudinal box stiffeners and transverse bulkheads provide structural strength. The hull is a two stepped deep-V type with transom, providing optimal sea keeping ability at all speeds and in all conditions.

A heavy duty polyethylene fender protects the hull by absorbing impacts. The foam fender is protected by a double skin of reinforced PVC, secured with sail tracks at gunwale and chine level. The deck has an anti-slip surface. Lifelines and grab handles are fitted on the gunwale and cabin sides.

Propulsion system

  • The high speed patrol craft is fitted with twin or triple inboard engines and suitable surface drives, with the following features:
  • Electrical starter with two independent batteries for each engine
  • Fresh water engine cooling with heat exchanger to seawater cooling
  • Fuel tanks located forward of the engines and filled through fittings on the cabin side
  • Engine shut off system in case of capsize, provided by mercury switches
  • Engine air intakes designed to prevent water ingress in case of capsize
  • Wet exhaust system, with outlet at the transom, which expels water from the seawater engine cooling system


Boat type Patrol / Interceptor
Boat material Vacuum infused fire retardant GRP
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine(s) 3x Mercury Verado 400R
Top Speed 65kts+
LOA (length, m) 12,4
BOA (width, m) 3,5
Dry Weight (kg) TBA
Capacity PAX 12 (RCD)
Optional engines Gasoline inboard or diesel inboard
Optional Drivelines Waterjet, surface drives or stern drives

Each craft is built and equipped according to customer’s requirements.
Weight and speed may vary with different propulsion and equipment.

Read more about the Munin S-1200 Open here


Rafnar Leiftur 1100

Length Overall 11.00 m
Beam Max 3.20 m
Draught 0.55 m
Light Ship 3.8 tonnes
Max Speed 40 – 50 knots
Cruising Speed 30 knots
Fuel Capacity 2 x 300 litres
Engines 500 – 800 HP
Range @ Crusing Speed 230 nm
Classification Lloyds Registered Special Service Craft

Rafnar’s Leiftur 1100 is a third-generation tactical RIB that has been thoroughly tested and developed in close co-operation with the Icelandic Coast Guard, who carried out extensive sea trials that played a critical in the successful development of the vessel. This 11 meter craft has been designed to operate safely and comfortably in the worst weather and sea conditions. The craft’s documented reliability and safety underline the ÖK Hull design’s proven capabilities.

During the final development phase, the Icelandic Coast Guard sailed a prototype of the craft some 3,000 nautical miles around Iceland. The specially designed and crafted ÖK Hull cleanly cuts through the sea and waves, resulting in significantly improved seakeeping and maneuverability, as well as a safer and more comfortable ride for the crew. The ÖK Hull design generates greater grip and traction at low and high speed, and slices through sea and waves. The unique keel prevents drift and eliminates the typical bounce and slam experienced in conventional crafts.

In June 2017, Rafnar’s Leiftur 1100 demonstration boat, Embla, turned one year old. In June 2016, Embla set off from Iceland and sailed to Gothenburg, Sweden, to attend the HSBO forum. In the one year that she has been operational, Embla has sailed approximately 4,500 nautical miles and has been transported many thousands of additional miles on top of that between Europe, Iceland, the United States, the Caribbean, and back. Despite heavy usage, Embla has not had a single fault or problem.

The Leiftur 1100 is a versatile work boat designed to perform a variety of functions and roles and comes with a multitude of capabilities. It is designed to be the optimal search and rescue craft, coastal patrol and security vessel, and pilot boat. The Leiftur 1100 work boat is also ideally suited as a multi-functional work boat or as a press and photography RIB for marine sporting events.

The Leiftur 1100 series will remain a benchmark for radical changes for some time to come in the RIBs market, and Rafnar will continue to develop further models built on this very successful vessel.

Alamarin-Jet RSV-1

Aluminium catamaran landing craft

Alamarin-Jet Intelligent Operation control system with fully integrated Unmanned and Autonomous control system

Twin Steyr SE266E40 Engines with ZF63C Transmissions 1:1 Ratio

AJ 245 Waterjets

Shoreside control station for USV and Autonomous operation demonstrations


Alamarin A25 Cabin

Manufacturer:  HTech

Vessel Type: A25 Cabin

Length (m/f): 7.95 m / 26′

Width (m/f): 2.85  m / 9′  4″

Weight (kg/lbs): 2700 kg / 5512 lbs

Engine: Volvo Penta D6 435WJ

Alamarin Jet Model: AJ 285 Combi Frame Waterjet

Speed: 44 knots

Notes: Alamarin-Jet demo vessel designed for SAR and commercial operations Single jet Intelligent Operation System.



Boomeranger C-950D

Length variants: 9,5m | 10,5m
Beam: 3,00m
Max speed: 55-60 knots
Max load: 2000kg

D-TUBE & FOAM BOW SECTION – Three piece tube consisting of inflatable Hypalon side tubes and foam bow section. D-tube provides additional deck space while still maintaining extreme performance in rough seas. Heavy duty rubbing strake protects the tube on the whole length. Additional storage compartments are also added on the sides of the deck.

TELESCOPIC MAST – Aluminium telescopic mast for radar, thermal imaging camera and antennas. Hydraulic height adjustability allows lowering the mast by 50 cm with a push of a button. For example in a boarding situation, in the lower position, expensive radar and comms antennas are protected from hitting the side of the ships. Also low bridges can be driven under with no tools needed to lower the mast.

ALUMINIUM CONSOLE – Ergonomic aluminium console with tilting steering wheel and precisely positioned control units in the middle console allow driver and navigator to take advantage of the latest technology while providing excellent visibility and situational awareness. Grab rails and adjustable foot rests allows comfortable ride even in the hardest environments

SEATS Shock mitigating seats are attached to deck rails with quick release system to allow easy modifications to the deck arrangement even during operations. Ullman Atlantic Fold Up seats for driver and navigator allows semi-standing position for slow speeds and extreme suspension in hard seas. Ullman Jockey seats for crew allow versatility for passenger arrangement with excellent shock mitigation performance.

DECK & RAILS – Boat is equipped with deck rail system and anti-slip covering mat between tracks to provide flat deck surface. Rail compatible plates and racks are available for gun mounts, ammunition and diving gear, for example. Bow box and other storage compartments provide excellent space for equipment while maintaining maximum deck space.

NAVIGATIONAL & COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT Simrad 16-inch multi-touch screens allow customisation for displaying engine data, charts, radar and thermal image for both the driver and the navigator. The new 4G radar offers sharper beam and dual range radar usage simultaneously. Savox IMP intercom system allows easy communication inside the boat and with radio equipment

CONTAINER TRANSPORT SYSTEM – Boomeranger C-950D Special Operations Boat fits inside a 40 ft sea container. Custom cradle with wheels is available to allow fast and easy loading and unloading.

AIRDROP CAPABILITY & 4-POINT LIFTING Hull is ready to be equipped with airdrop lashing points to allow aerial delivery of the boat with the MCADS system. 4-point lifting points are ready and heli-underslung option is available. Single point lifting system is also available on special request.

The Boomeranger Special Operations Boats are customized according to the requirements of the customer for troop transport and insertion, boarding, fire support, diver, kayak and inflatable operations, helicopter-underslung, air-drop and transport by road, sea and air for world-wide deployment. Cargo rails on the deck allow mission specific arrangement of seats and equipment.

Marathon 900 RHIB-D


Technical data Marathon 900 RHIB-D:

Boat type Marathon 900
Boat material GRP
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine(s) 2x Mercury L4 200hk
Top Speed 50 kts
Drive lines Mercury
LOA (length, m) 9,57
BOA (width, m) 2,75
Dry Weight (kg) 2500
Capacity PAX 12
Optional engines Gasoline inboard, diesel outboard or diesel inboard
Optional Drivelines Waterjet, surface drives or stern drives

The new Marathon 900 RHIB-D has undergone a number of tests performing well in all rough weather conditions during the autumn in Norway.

Norsafe has carried out extensive research and development in the last few years to develop a new range of robust and safe boats for the Military and Professional market.

Using its experience as a high-tech composite engineering company, Norsafe has been responsible for developing and manufacturing some of the most robust rescue and freefall lifeboats, for use in extreme weather conditions, on the market today.

The latest boat to hit the water this autumn in Arendal, Norway, is the Marathon 900 RHIB-D. Based on the well-proven Marathon 900 RHIB concept, Norsafe has developed a new generation multi-mission high speed craft.

Its rigid bulwarks and D-fender configuration means the available deck space has been increased and the deck layout with cargo track configurations makes the layout flexible and optimized for user specific configurations.

Ergonomics and safety in extreme conditions have been key factors in the design and development of the console and dashboard arrangement. All main controls and switches are within direct reach of the pilot position. All the detailing and functional solutions have been refined throughout the vessel with input from user workshops and long range offshore testing.

Furthermore, the console has been designed with large flat surfaces making it easy to install additional mission specific equipment. The navigational lights have been positioned so that they do not create a reflection or light up the vessel during night operations.

The robust radar arch has been produced with high-tech woven GRP mats reducing vibration and damage to electronic sensors and equipment mounted on a large flexible mounting surface. With this structure, the vessel can also be delivered with self-righting capabilities.

Crew and passengers can be seated using either shock absorbing seats or high-end saddle seats with laminated foam-core seating. The seating can be customized to a client’s specification. Both seats and saddles are fitted to cargo-rails making reconfigurations and optional layouts fast and easy to implement.

Moving around the Marathon 900 RHIB-D is helped with grab-rails, robust anti-skid surfaces in step zones and ample work lights when needed. Furthermore, the main deck is flush and without steps, making it safer and easier to move around at night.

Large open scuppers on both sides of the stern make the cockpit effectively self-draining. Two mooring fittings are located astern, foldable cleats midship, with two more cleats and a robust Samson post located at the bow. Functional steps and storage boxes both sides of front deck have room for mooring lines.

Read more about the Marathon 900 RHIB-D here.

loggagreyGoldfishM12 RECON PERSPECTIVE

Company/Organisation : Goldfish Boat AS
Person responsible for Boat : Vlad Jigaroff
Driver of Boat : Torgeir Johnsen
E-mail : Professional@goldfishboat.com
Mobile phone number : +47 91737628
Boat type : Special Ops Craft
Boat material : classified
Fuel type : Diesel (F35, F36)
Engine(s) : Mercury Diesel 4.2l TDI + Seacore XR Diesel Drives
Top Speed : 65 kts +
LOA (length, m) : 12.5
BOA (width, m) : 3.3
Dry Weight (kg) : 4000
Capacity PAX : 12+2



Gold FISHIMG_2938


Copenhagen Global – USMI – 13 Meter “Nunya”


Company/Organisation : Copenhagen Global / United States Marine, Inc.
Boat type : High Speed Interceptor Craft
Boat material : High Tech Composites
Fuel type : Diesel / 330 Gallons (1250 Liters)
Engine(s) : Twin Cummins QSC 8.3 600hp Marine Diesel Engines
Propulsion : Mercury Speedmaster VI Outdrives
Gear : ZF Marine Two-Speed Transmissions
Top Speed : 55+ Knots
Range : 350+ Nautical Miles (At Full Load Condition in 4’ Combined Seas)
LOA (length, m) : 13 Meters
BOA (width, m) : 2.7 Meters
PAYLOAD : 7,200 lbs  – 3200KG (Includes Fuel)
NOTABLE OPTIONS Ballistic Protection- Tops and Engine Hatch
Comms Integration
Hardtops- Forward and Aft
Navigation Package
Shock Mitigation Seating for Twelve

Nunya 2T5A7162 Nunya 2T5A7136

United States Marine, Inc.

Nunya USMI-Banner


Copenhagen Global – USMI NSW 11m RHIB.

A (219)

Company/Organisation Copenhagen Global /USMI
Boat type Naval Special Warfare Rigid Inflatable Boat
Construction FRP – Fibre Reinforced Plastic
Fuel type Diesel
Engine(s) Cummins QSB 6.7 480-550 HP
Top Speed 40+ Knots 30+ cruise
Drive lines KaMeWa/Rolls Royce Waterjets
Operational Drivelines Surfaceprops
LOA (length, m) 35′ 11″ (11 Meters)
BOA (width, m) 10′ 7″ (3.2 Meters)
Boa deflated 8′ 9″ (2.6 Meters)
Weight 18,000 Lbs.
Capacity PAX >13

Air Drop 2 - 2 Sep 08 - 045 crop SF ADRHIB Ex-Lift VCAM Townsville Jul 09 073

Boomeranger  C-1200 a logo  Boomeranger C-1200

Company/Organisation : Boomeranger
Person responsible for Boat : Miika Tammi
Driver of Boat : Jani Leskinen and Robert Yrjölä
E-mail : miika.tammi@boomeranger.fi
Mobile phone number : +358445788274
Boat type : Boomeranger C-1200 Special Operations Boat
Boat material : Carbon reinforced GRP
Fuel type : Diesel
Engine(s) : Yanmar
Top Speed : Classified
Drive lines : Konrad sterndrives
LOA (length, m) : 12,5m
BOA (width, m) : 3,5 m
Dry Weight (kg) : N/A
Capacity PAX : 3 + 8
Website : https://boomeranger.fi


Tideman Boats RBB 800 WJ SUPPORT TENDER 2Logo Tideman Blauw Embleem PO

Tideman HDPE workboats: strong alternative to RIB’s

Boat type            : Indestructible – Workboat
Boat material     : HDPE
Fuel type            : Diesel
Engine(s)            : Yanmar 6LPA-STP 315hp
Top Speed          : 38 knots
Drive lines          : Alamarin 245 water jet

LOA (length, m)   : 8.50
BOA (width, m)    : 2.50
Dry Weight (kg)   : 2800
Capacity PAX        : 10

Website: tidemanboats.com
E-mail : bruno@tidemanboats.com
Mobile phone number : +31 6 29 20 05 17






Company/Organisation :Marell Boats
Person responsible for Boat :Patrik Söderholm
Driver of Boat :Patrik Söderholm
E-mail :patrik@marellboats.se
Mobile phone number :+46702530302
Boat type :Marell 850wa
Boat material :Aluminium
Fuel type :Gasoline
Engine(s) :Outboard
Top Speed :+55 knop
Drive lines : 2×250
LOA (length, m) :8,8m
BOA (width, m) :3,05m
Dry Weight (kg) :2 250 kg
Capacity PAX :8  (10) pers


Marell boats IMG_4428


volvo_penta Imatech Dahl NavalDSC_9525 Skärmavbild 2016-04-04 kl. 09.52.24

dlogoUOR_0518 https://dahlnaval.se/ Skärmavbild 2016-04-04 kl. 09.52.11



Cuising1The Targa 44 features a timeless, classic “Targa”-design and provides ample room both inside and out, and handles very well in difficult conditions. Produced in the renowned Targa spirit, the Targa 44 is a boat you can trust to safely take you to your destination.

Company/Organisation www.VolvoPenta.com
Person responsible for Boat Ing. Andrea Piccione
Driver of Boat Ing. Andrea Piccione
E-mail Andrea.piccione@volvo.com
Mobile phone number 46765537562
Boat material GRp
Engine(s) Twin IPS 600
LOA (length, m) 14,36 m (47,1′)
BOA (width, m) 3,95 m (13′)
Dry Weight (kg) 10 000 kg
Speed 35-39 K.T.


volvo_penta1 2013_1001_113917AA fix


Company/Organisation www.VolvoPenta.com
Person responsible for Boat Ing. Andrea Piccione
Driver of Boat Ing. Andrea Piccione
E-mail Andrea.piccione@volvo.com
Mobile phone number 46765537562
Boat material GRp
Engine(s) Twin D4 -300
LOA (length, m) 10,78 m (35,4′)
BOA (width, m) 3,37 m (11,1′)
Dry Weight (kg) 6300 kg

Volvopenta D4-300 2 Volvopenta D4-300

https://www.viking-life.com/en/Content/gfx/singles/logo.png5 1

Company/Organisation Viking-life.com
Person responsible for Boat Eirik Møllergaard
Senior Sales Manager Defence & Professional
Driver of Boat Eirik Møllergaard
E-mail EML@viking-life.com
Mobile phone number +4737888195
Boat type Munin S-1200 Surface drives
Boat material GRP
Fuel type Petrol
Engine(s) Inboard
Top Speed +60 kts
Drive lines Surface
LOA (length, m) 12
BOA (width, m) 3,5
Dry Weight (kg) 4700
Capacity PAX 12







Company/Organisation www.Norsafe.com
Person responsible for Boat Svenn Axel Nilsen
Driver of Boat Svenn Axel Nilsen
E-mail Svenn.Axel.Nilsen@norsafe.com
Mobile phone number +47 911 05 059
Boat type Marathon 900 RIB
Boat material GRP / RIB
Fuel type Diesel
Engine(s) 2 X Mercury OptiMax Diesel outboard
Top Speed +50 kts
Drive lines Outboard
LOA (length, m) 9,2
BOA (width, m) 2,6
Dry Weight (kg) 1800
Capacity PAX 12


INTRODUCING THE OPTIMAX DIESEL, a second engine in Mercury Racing’s arsenal of “stealth” outboards. Developed for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), this exclusive spark ignited, direct fuel injected 2-stroke runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel which is readily available around the globe. The 3.0 Liter V-6 Diesel, which produces 175 propshaft horsepower, shares 95% of its components with the gasoline engine it was derived from. And, with only a handful of unique parts, there are minimal training requirements necessary for maintenance.




Person responsible for Boat Michel Saxlund
Driver of Boat Carl
E-mail TBA
Mobile phone number TBA
Boat type Magnum 850
Boat material GRP
Fuel type Diesel
Engine(s) 2x Volvo Penta D4-300
Top Speed 48 kts
Drive lines DPH
LOA (length, m) 9,2
BOA (width, m) 3,25
Dry Weight (kg) 4200
Capacity PAX 12

dockstavarvet-logo-black– ENFORCER III – high-speed-boat-operations-forum-hsbo-2014-141


Combat Boat CB 90 ENFOCER III

The ENFOCER III is an all aluminium fast assault craft, heavily reinforced for forceful landing on unprepared beaches.

Advanced logistics down to nuts and bolts

The boat is built in a fully developed serial production system employing six workstations with a capacity to deliver one new unit every 3rd week. The combination of timing, advanced logistics and a skilful production team, with very a close and tight relationship between CAD engineers and the production people, is enhanced by an ISO 9001 QA system. All boats undergo a comprehensive testing…

Other applications

Marine Police, PILOT, Fire Fighter, Airport Rescue, SAR, Environment Control

The export successes of recent years, with all types being based on existing basic models, show that customization of an existing model is a winning concept both quality wise and from an economic standpoint of view. Our civilian and military concepts are based on a few well-planned designs to with both we and the users have contributed the best of our knowledge and experience.

The boat was originally delivered to the Royal Swedish Navy in 1995, now taken back and refurbished by DOCKSTAVARVET


Length, LOA 15.9 m
Length, HULL 14.9 m
Length, CWL 13.0 m
Beam, BOA 3.8 m
Draft 0.9 m
Displacement, light 17 tons
Machinery 2 x VOLVO PENTA D13 (800hp @ 2 300rpm)
Reduction Gears 2 x ZF360
Waterjets 2 x Rolls Royce FF450
Speed, cruising 37 knots
Speed, sprint 45 knots
Bunker cap. 2 200 liters
Corr. range, full speed 300 N.M.
Navigations system FURUNO NavNET 3D



– ENFORCER III – high-speed-boat-operations-forum-hsbo-2014-102



The ALUSAFE 1100 Fast Interceptor Craft is designed for navy, police, patrol, anti-smuggling duties, interception of high speed crafts in addition to military and customs duties. The hull form is fully planning mono hull, single chine with deep V-shape specially designed for very high speed in adverse weather conditions.

The hull structure is made of high marine grade aluminium with longitudinal stiffeners and transversal frames and bulkheads.

The layout is arranged with centered maneuver and navigation console, large aft deck and forward deck to handle different duties. The maneuver console is specially designed for high-speed operations. Navigation- and communication- equipment are located within reach of both helmsman and navigator. Chairs with full shock mitigation capabilities are mounted for boat crew and task-force operators. Mounting system for chairs are exible and chair layout can change according to operational needs. Rapid entering & boarding systems can easily integrated in the boat. The boat can also be tted with ballistic protection to different levels.

The fender system consists of a “non-puncture” system consisting of a modular fender system.
This system consists of fender modules, mounting hardware and xing pro les.
The craft can be tted with twin or triple outboards. Fuel capacity is 2×550 ltr which gives the boat a range of 225 nm.

Company/Organisation Maritime Partner AS
Person responsible for Boat Stig Flem
E-mail stig@maritime-partner.com
Boat type Fast Interceptor Craft
Boat material Hull made of marine aluminium.
Fuel type Petrol capacity is 2×550
Engine(s) Outboard 2x400hp
Top Speed 60+ knots – Crusing speed, with crew: 50 knots
LOA 11,30 metres
BOA 2,82 metres
Dry Weight (kg)
Capacity PAX 2+6
Website Maritime Partner




Alusafe 1100 FIC from Maritime Partner on Vimeo.ALUSAFE 1100 FIC-1



Boat type:           RHIB
Boat material:    GRP
Fuel type:           UNLEAD PETROL
Engine(s):           YAMAHA F250-B
Drive lines:         OUTBOARD
LOA (length, m): 7,5M
BOA (width, m): 3,1M
Dry Weight (kg): 1.100KG
Capacity PAX:  4 PAX







Passionate maintenance experts. Zaanhaven specializes in maintenance and repair of planing, professional craft. On our port grounds include a modern service center is equipped with modern reading devices and analysis tools. Our technicians are fully certified to work with the latest technological standards and its 24-hour standby.

Company/Organisation : Jaap Huisman Zaanhaven BV
Person responsible for Boat : Jaap Huisman / Theo van Diepen.
Driver of Boat : Jaap Huisman / Theo van Diepen.
E-mail : jaap@zaanhaven.nl
Mobile phone number :0031 (0)621538926  (jaap)  0031 (0)643656607 theo
Boat type : valiant raptor 480
Boat material : Hypalon
Fuel type : petrol
Engine(s) :40HP mercury outboard big tiller
LOA (length, m) : 4.90mtr
BOA (width, m) : 208cm
Dry Weight (kg) :145 kg
Capacity PAX :9 pers

Raptor Valiant  380 black hull black tubes.
Raptor Valiant  480 black hull black tubes. New Merury SeaPro 40-HP big Tiller.
Raptor Valiant 480 orange hull orange tubes rescue boat Mercuy SeaPro 40HP big Tiller.

Raptor Valiant 750 pro
+31 621538926
zaanhaven.nl zaanhaven.nl 1380-raptor 480-raptor-rh


Company/Organisation : Goldfish Boat AS
Person responsible for Boat : Vlad Jigaroff
Driver of Boat : Torgeir Johnsen
E-mail : Professional@goldfishboat.com
Mobile phone number : +47 91737628
Boat type : Special Ops Craft
Boat material : classified
Fuel type : Petrol
Engine(s) : 3 x Mercury Racing 400HP
Top Speed : 75kn++
LOA (length, m) : 12.5
BOA (width, m) : 3.3
Dry Weight (kg) : 4000
Capacity PAX : 12+2



Gold FISHIMG_2938


Palfinger Boats_StartseitePlafinger imagesPalfinger PBR 1100 G TOB Side View


Company/Organisation : Palfinger Boats
Person responsible for Boat : Mark Fitzgerald Oselmo // Javier Villacieros Robineau
Driver of Boat : Javier Villacieros Robineau // Mark Fitzgerald Oselmo
E-mail m.oselmo@palfinger.com
Mobile phone number : +34 697453990
Boat type : 11m RHIB
Boat material : GRP
Fuel type : Petrol
Engine(s) : 2 x Yamaha 300hp V6
Top Speed :60 kts
Drive lines : OBM
LOA (length, m) : 11.5m
BOA (width, m) : 3.05m
Dry Weight : 3.2tns
Capacity PAX : 6 seated
Website : www.palfinger.com



20151026 RHIB_0842





Company/Organisation : Damen
Boat type : RHIB
Boat material : Epoxy – GRP
Fuel type : Diesel
Engine(s) : 2 * 370 Volvo Penta Sterndrive
Top Speed :50 knot+
LOA (length,) :10.5 m
BOA (width,) :3.35 m
Dry Weight (kg) :
Capacity PAX :12
Optional drive lines
Waterjets or Outboards
Website & Email :www.Damen.com & info-dsha@damen.com

Nimbus logo POS 201412185494_964815073576672_646695393989500414_o

Boat type: Paragon 31 Cabin
Fuel type : Diesel
Engine(s) : Volvo Penta 2xD4-300 DPH
Top Speed : 40kn
LOA : 10,59m
BOA : 3,47m
Dry Weight : 6187kg
Capacity PAX Max 8pers.
Boat material: Glass fiber Composite
Driver of Boat Niclas Augustin
 E-mail  niclas.augustin@nimbus.se
 Mobile phone number  +46707201314







Spectre Marine is specialized in planning and conducting custom made training programs in maritime related topics. The trainings are divided into two general groups: Specialized Government Trainings and the Certifying Corporate Trainings.

One of the biggest benefits of our services is the fact that we come to you. We use your boats in your environments. Why is this beneficial? Simple, you train in the environment you are suppose to operate in and you do it using your own equipment. And the benefits of that are of course obvious…


Spectre marine hellboy 1

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Cruden SIM

Global Headquarters
Pedro de Medinalaan 25
1086 XP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 707 4668

Ullman-Protecting-People 2.1Capelli_fly1 2

Model:             Capelli 750 Work
LOA:                7.5 meter
BEAM:             2.97 meter
Inside Beam:   1.59 meter
Dry weight:     850 kg
Max power      250 HP


Alamarin-jetAlamarin-jet HTech

Alamarin-jet HTech boat spec1

Alamarin-jet HTech boat spec

rafnar LOGOLeiftur 1100 rough sea 2560x1600Leiftur-GA-Plan-SideLeiftur-GA-Plan-Top

Leiftur RIB 1100 Technical specifications:
Length Overall      11.00 m
Beam Max             3.20 m
Draught                 0.55 m
Light Weight         3.8 tonnes
Max Speed            40 kn
Cruising Speed     30 kn
Fuel Capacity        2 x 300 litres
Engines                  2 x 250 HP Yamaha
Range                     230 nm (Crusing Speed)
Classification         Lloyds Registered Special Service Craft

POC: Þorsteinn Bragi Jónínuson

Leiftur 1100 Technical Sea Trial from Rafnar Shipyard on Vimeo.

In this winter sea trial of Leiftur RIB we are demonstrating the boats ability of tight turns, motoring at high speed in force 3, acceleration with one and two engines and a minimal wake that the boat makes when slowing down.
On board are 4 persons.
Fuel tanks are full. (600 litres).

All videos and data are recorded with a Garmin VIRB XE camera.

Leiftur 1100 Series from the sky from Rafnar Shipyard on Vimeo.

Leiftur 1100 in Choppy Sea from Rafnar Shipyard on Vimeo.