This lecture exposes the challenges of sniper support of HSBO and the material and training requirements on both the crew and the snipers. It will explain in detail the true capabilities of current sniper equipment in the HSBO support role. Additionally the Hard Target Interdiction capacity of the .50 BMG Browning M2, Barrett M107A1 and other HTI calibers will be analized. The tactical boat armoring efficacy against .50BM multipurpose ammunition will be displayed.

Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta is one of the global sniping foremost authorities. Barrett team shooter, Steyr Mannlicher in-house sniper R&D expert and 2011 .50 BMG 1000 yards World Champion shooter. Mr. Fontcuberta is a Master Scuba Diver and CCR/SCR operator. He is a certified Advanced Armorer, “Train the trainers” and certified technician in Barrett, Steyr, Glock, SAAB, SIMRAD equipment. Has consulted for many leading companies of the Tactical/Maritime spectrum. He has directed several projects of Maritime Tactical and Rescue Units in Africa.