Henry Tremblay
Kongsberg Maritime Simulation Inc.

Since its initial entry into marine simulation in 1974, Kongsberg Maritime has been a pioneer in maritime simulation technology responding to emerging training needs.   One such innovation was developed as part of a solution to assist the US Navy, which had been experiencing a high incidence of accidents across a broad range of small rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs).  Working closely with the customer, Kongsberg adapted its ship bridge simulator (SBS) technology to a small high-speed craft trainer that would allow USN RHIB coxswains to train on high speed critical manoeuvres long before going to sea.

Further feedback from users resulted in the development of a dedicated helm, modeled after standard RHIB controls, and the development of new hydrodynamic models for several RHIB types and sizes.  Further feedback indicated that Coxswains needed to “feel” the boat and relied on motion cues in the decision making process.  Kongsberg adapted the RHIB trainer to a 6-DOF electric motion base to achieve this objective.    The built in Assessment System can compare how successful individual small boat drivers are able to feel and read the waves to develop “Best Practices” such as providing the least amount of shock to their boat and its crew.

The presentation will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art of the technology, some of the challenges experienced in the development of the product and some insight on where this application of marine simulation technology will lead us in the coming years.