Presentations 2010

Conference Programme HSBO Forum 2010

Opening Speech
Commodore Åke Dagnevik, Technical Director Swedish Coast Guard

Operations in Extreme Littorals
Vice Admiral Dick Börjesson, Ret. Head of the Swedish Navy

Future of Combatant Craft and Integrated Combat systems
David Rowland, US Naval Special Warfare Group 4

Improving cockpit ergonomics on 38’ patrol boat
Stefan Andersson, Swedish Coast Guard

Working conditions and hull loads during high speed operation
Karl Garme, Royal Institute of Technology (Naval Systems), SWE

Risk assessments in HSC impact exposure
Lage Burström, University of Umeå, SWE

Continuous human impact exposure monitoring device
Sven-Åke Eriksson, Research Electronics SWE

Small boat fleet – Experiences and Plans
Patrik Johanssson, Swedish Coast Guard

High Speed Craft Driver Styles
Jim Colwell, Defence R&D Canada

The future of crew training: curriculum & qualifications
Jon Hill, Royal Marines, UK

Task structure and communication during high speed operations and high stress
Gustaf Klock, Spectre

HSC hull motion and slamming – Causes and effects
Tim Coats US Navy, Combatant Craft Division

Drop and Impact testing of RIB with high loading
Jussi Mannerberg Boomeranger

SeaBlade40 Prototype RIB for High Loads & High Speed in High Seas
Lorne Campbell /Steven Loui, Lorne Campbell Design, UK/ Navatec, USA

Shock transfer function for a suspended jockey seat
Trevor Dobbins, STResearch Repeated

How fast can we go? – Human Factors set the limits
Johan Ullman M.D., Ullman Dynamics

International cooperation in deployment of fast craft
Bob MacDonald MBE, Lt Col UK Royal Marines / Netherlands fleet HQ

Hostile Boarding operational and equipment requirements
Lars Z, Norwegian CTU Delta

Anti Piracy operations
Thomas Thygesen, Danish Navy Special Forces

Pirate interception around the Horn of Africa
Capt Johan Karlsson, Swedish Royal Marines Boarding Unit

Ship boarding by ladder: strength, technique & design
Steve Meyers, University of Chichester

”At-sea-thinking” High Performance Navigation Systems for High Speed Craft
Per Österberg, Sea Cross

Hostile Boarding – Developing Equipment and Routines
Petter Hegnelius, Tenderteq

ABCD International Work Group for Human Performance at Sea
Jim Colwell, Defence R&D Canada

Pilot training for Very High Speed
Jan Jörgensen, Raven Ribs Denmark

Operator training for harsh conditions
Chris Johns, Western Australia Rescue Group

NATO Single fuel policy
Andreas Blomdahl, Marine Diesel

RIB type capabilities and required performance for heavy weather
Dog Phillips, M.N.T.B.I. M.Inst. Pet.

Testing by various users and the lessons learned
Olaf Roelevelt, DAMEN Shipyard, NL – HS Interceptor

High speed craft crash safety
Jon Hill/Trevor Dobbins Royal Marines, UK/STResearch

Training and methods for boarding operations
Rich McLellan – Pistris Inc.

EU legislation on impact exposure New implications in 2010 – Discussion
Paul Hollander, Ribtact