PhD Karl Garme – KTH Centre for Naval Architecture
PhD Ivan Stenius – KTH Centre for Naval Architecture
Lage Burström – Associate Prof  Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dept of Public Health & Clinical Medicine, Umea University,
Stefan Andersson – Engineer, Swedish Coast Guard
Sven-Åke Eriksson – Research Electronics,
MSc student Katrin Olausson – KTH Centre for Naval Architecture

The presentation describes an ongoing co-operation between KTH Centre for Naval Architecture, Umeå University and the Swedish Coast Guard. The project’s overall goal is increased safety for crews and vessels that are designed for high speed at rough conditions, for instance during rescue operations. Questions to be answered concern the coupling between hull structural loads, crews’ working conditions including ergonomics, and the correlation between the hull structural design and the loads the crew initiate to themselves and the hull. A system for data collection and key-figure display has been developed together with Research Electronics and is now ready for installation in two coast guard units. The system and a tailored software tool for evaluation are presented. Also measures for evaluating human response to vibrations are discussed and exemplified by a case study on a high-speed coast guard unit.