Passionate maintenance experts. Zaanhaven specializes in maintenance and repair of planing, professional craft. On our port grounds include a modern service center is equipped with modern reading devices and analysis tools. Our technicians are fully certified to work with the latest technological standards and its 24-hour standby.

Company/Organisation : Jaap Huisman Zaanhaven BV
Person responsible for Boat : Jaap Huisman / Theo van Diepen.
Driver of Boat : Jaap Huisman / Theo van Diepen.
E-mail : jaap@zaanhaven.nl
Mobile phone number :0031 (0)621538926  (jaap)  0031 (0)643656607 theo
Boat type : valiant raptor 480
Boat material : Hypalon
Fuel type : petrol
Engine(s) :40HP mercury outboard big tiller
LOA (length, m) : 4.90mtr
BOA (width, m) : 208cm
Dry Weight (kg) :145 kg
Capacity PAX :9 pers

Raptor Valiant  380 black hull black tubes.
Raptor Valiant  480 black hull black tubes. New Merury SeaPro 40-HP big Tiller.
Raptor Valiant 480 orange hull orange tubes rescue boat Mercuy SeaPro 40HP big Tiller.

Raptor Valiant 750 pro
+31 621538926
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