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2023  1-1

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Johan Inden – President of Volvo Penta Marine

Welcome Address

2023  1-2

Col. Fredrik Herlitz – Swedish Amphibious Forces CO of Gothenburg Garrison


2023  1-3

Confidential presentation, – Turkish Coast Guard Command
High-Speed Search and Rescue – Designs and Applications


2023  1-5

Karen Kelly, PhD – US Navy – Physiologist Warfighter Performance Pain sensitivity and processing in combatant craft crewman: an early indicator of injury risk

Human Performance Session

2023  1-6

Lt Cdr Isabelle Valle M.D. – Canadian Navy
Approaches to HS-Boat-Related Human Challenges

Human Performance Session

2023  1-7

Lt. Cdr. “BUTLER” (PhD, MSc, BSc) – Danish Armed Forces, The Frogman Corps

Human Performance Optimization in the Danish Special Operation Forces – Perspectives for High-speed Boat Operations

Human Performance Session

2023  1-8

PRof. Steven Myers – University of Southampton

Impact Exposure Session

2023  1-9

Dr. med. Kai Torsten Bretschneider – German Navy 
Training & Operations Safe and Sustatianable – Pratical approches  to regulations

Impact Exposure Session

2023  1-10

Dr. Johan Ullman – University of Gothenburg
Scientific progress can slove the problems. What we know today.

Impact Exposure Session

2023  1-11

John – Norwegian Armed Forces
Upgrading the bridge on a fleet of CB90s

Creating and Evaluating New Platforms

2023  1-12

Jonas Carlsson – Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS)
Developing the Rescue Craft of the Future

Creating and Evaluating New Platforms

2023  1-13

Geoff Baird – Test and Evaluation Expert – Calgus
Testing Boats for Navy Acceptance

Creating and Evaluating New Platforms

2023  2-1

Ronald Carpenter CWO5 Ret – TMS Group
Slamming induced injuries on Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewmen (SWCC)

 Measuring Forces and Injury Prevention

2023  2-0

Vladimir Sovilj  – Viking Life Defence & Professional
1200 Nm at 45 knots with 30+ g impacts measured on hulls and humans

 Measuring Forces and Injury Prevention

2023  2-0

Keith Hubble – TMS Group
The Benefits of Inertial Measurement Units in Characterising Hull Performance and Human Impact Exposure in High-Speed Boat Operations. 

 Measuring Forces and Injury Prevention

2023  2-0

Joel Oliver – Sub Sea Craft
Hybrid platforms for advanced operations

 High Speed Boat Design Session 1

2023  2-0

Josep Maria Montoy – Quer Barcelona
Designing Cabin Boats for the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police)

 High Speed Boat Design Session 1

2023  2-0

John Cumming – Artemis Technologies
How electric drive and foil technology could revolutionize High Speed Boat Operations

 High Speed Boat Design Session 1

2023  2-0

Birger Kullmann – Kullman Design Naval Architects
Search and Rescue, Patrol and Freefall offshore monohulls

 High Speed Boat Design Session 2

2023  2-0

Scott Porta – Porta Performance
Boat of the Future – How to create the perfect rough-water orchestral mix

 High Speed Boat Design Session 2

2023  2-0

Abbas Dashtimanesh – Ass. Prof. of Naval Architecture – KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Advanced Stepped Hull Design

 High Speed Boat Design Session 2

2023  2-0

Dr. Edgar Schmidtke, German Armed Forces Center for Ships and Naval Weapons, Maritime Technology and Research, Shock and Vibration Center  
A new approach to spring/damper systems in suspension seats

Human Factors Session

2023  2-0

Capt Jeb Kucik M.D. – Anesthesiology Specialty Leader US Navy –
Ass. Prof. Rocky Vista University
US Navy medical resources in support of NATO Operations

Human Factors Session

2023  2-0

James, Team Leader for Tactical Marine Ops Group – Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Challenges in, and approaches to Special Boat Operations

Operations Session

2023  2-0

Joshua McGee  – U.S. Air Force, 31st Rescue Squadron, Okinawa
Rescue Capabilities

Operations Session

2023  2-0

Ibon Burgoa – Spanish Red Cross
Formative assessment of training

Operations Session

2023  2-0

Leif A. Stavøstrand – Evoy
Electric engines – where technology stands today and tomorrow

Future Tech Session

2023  2-0

Joseph Salmon – Salmon Power Sports
Mass Effect – Dynamic ballast simulation

Future Tech Session

2023  2-0

R. Adm Thomas EngevallSwedish Armed Forces
A New Relality and New Challenges in Europe

Keynote Session

2023  2-0

Chris Dowland – AD marine services
Structural Bonding for Extreme Conditions

New Technologies Session

2023  2-0

Mark Lavender  – Capewell
Aerial Delivery of High Speed Boats

New Technologies Session

2023  2-0

Karl Birgir Björnsson – Hefring Marine
Intelligent decision support for professional boat operations

New Technologies Session

2021 1-0

Johan Inden
President Business Unit Marine Volvo Penta

2021 1-1

Chris Boyd
RINA’s vision on High speed

2021 1-2

Rear Adm. Fernando Jorge Ferreira Seuanes
Irregular Migration and Drug Trafficking Operations

2021 1-3

Dr. Karen Kelly, Naval Health Research Center

U.S. DOD Cervical and lumbar spine kinematics and muscle physiology in swift boat combatant crewman

2021 1-4

Captain Andrew Moll
Marine Accident Investigation Branch Passenger Crew vulnerability – What does accident investigation show us

2021 1-5

Pedro Miguel Moita Jardim
Portuguese Maritime Police Forensic Diving Team Operational Challenges and Development

2021 1-6

HSBO Forum
Boat Presentations 2021

2021 2-1

Andrew Lea, Norson Design
Hull Design Approaches for Lowering Impact Exposure

2021 2-2

Abbas Dashtimanesh
Hydrodynamics of high-speed craft using mathematical models

2021 2-3

Arash Eslamdoost
Chalmers University of Technology – A device for reducing the resistance of transom stern hulls

2021 2-4

Joseph Salmon
Proactive Shock Mitigation with Dynamic Ballast

2021 2-5

Maarten van Donselaar
Technicalities and Applications of a spectacular set of Boomeranger Fast Craft Simulators

2021 2-6

Lt. Daniel Filipe Marques da Costa
The GNR UCC and its Maritime component

2021 3-1

Brigadier general Peder Ohlsson
Deputy Chief of the Swedish Navy – Opening Session

2021 3-2

Rear Admiral Thomas Engevall,FMV
Current and Future Requirements for Amphibious Capabilities

2021 3-3

Fátima Monteiro PhD Sen. Researcher and Chair Inst. of Macaronesia
Cape Verde in the Context of North-South Atlantic Relations

2021 3-4

Ibon Borgua Tello, Spanish Red Cross

Specifying needs around SAR RIBs

2021 4-1

Prof. Steve Myers
NATO Multi-nation study on human impact exposure onboard high speed boats

2021 4-2

CWO-5 Ret. Ronald Carpenter
SWCC Survey on Injuries

2021 4-3

Dr. Johan Ullman

Human Impact Exposure Onboard High Speed Boats – What is Dangerous

2021 4-4

Sven-Åke Eriksson

Measuring Impact Exposure

2021 4-6

Per-Egon Persson
Human-Centric Steering Bar Control System

2021 5-1

Ruben Kalisvaart, De Haas Shipyard
Designing Fast Interceptors for Modularity

2021 5-2

Magnus Thor Jonsson
Hefring ehf Situational Awareness – Key to Safe Operation

2021 5-3

Per Wigren
OXE300 The Next Level of Technology Diesel Outboard Power Step

2021 5-4

Guillaume Wies, SILLINGER
Military and Professional boats

2021 5-5

Bertrand Castelnerac, SEAir
Designing Flying Boats and Rigid Inflatable Foilers

2021 5-6

Andreas Cederquist
Hamilton Jet – USV Ready

2021 5-7

Arnoud Straakenbroek, Palfinger Marine Netherlands
Governmental and Professional Boats

2021 5-8

Pete Johnson
A Short-travel, Low Friction, Passive Non-Linear Suspension for Absorbing Wave Chatter and Wave Shocks

2018 1-1

Jens Nykvist
Current developments in the Nordic region

2018 1-2

Vice Admiral Sousa Pereira
General Commander of Portuguese Maritime Police

2018 1-3

Volvo Penta

Keynote Session – Volvo Penta Welcome Address

2018 1-4

Johan Ullman

Risk Management

2018 1-5

Andreas Isaksson

How to trial and evaluate HSB

2018 1-6

James Wilton
Setting Requirements

2018 1-7

Jason Readdy
How to define requirements for High Speed Craft

2018 1-8

Tony Pearson

Requirements for new High Speed boats RNZN LTCDR

2018 1-9

Bård Eker

User integrated design process of multi purpose Vessel

2018 1-10

Doug Reynolds

Researching Shock & Vibration

2018 1-11

Prof. Mats Ericson
Convenor of the ISO/SC4/WG18

2018 1-12

Prof. Cameron R. ‘Dale’ Bass

Shocking Standard: People in High Speed Craft

2018 1-13

Carl Magnus Ullman

How to get cockpits fit for task – From specification to implementation

2018 1-14

S Wallace and J Kilburn
RNLI Night Time SAR Operations

2018 1-15

Rosita Kjellberg

Operator Training and Compliant Boarding

2018 1-16

Andrew S.N LEA
Optimizing hulls for high speed

2018 1-17

Rikard Sahl

Swedish Accident Investigation Authority

2018 1-18

Patrik Jönsson

Registering injury data from HS Craft accidents Swedish Transport Agency

2018 1-19

Dr. Jaap Boreel
Working Conditions – Medical challenges in the HS boat world

2018 1-21

Sven-Åke Eriksson
MAREC Measuring Impacts on High Speed Craft

2018 1-23

Harald Nilsonne
GPS-denied Navigation

2018 1-24

Anders Höfnell
THE GREY CODE – safety assurance of small boats in military service

2018 1-25

Karl Björnsson
Slamming Reduction and Operator Monitoring: Iceland’s ÖK Hull and Hefring Marine

2018 1-26

Boomeranger Boats Oy

Lessons Learned: Design, Production and Delivery of an 11m Aerial Delivery RHIB in 12 months

2016 1-1

Prof Dr-ing Hoppe
Foil Assisted Ship Development

2016 1-3

Lorne Campbell

The Crouch Formula – Quick preliminary performance estimates for fast planing craft

2016 1-4

Prof. Magnus Thor Jonsson
The Impact of Hull Design for Impact Reduction of High Speed Craft

2016 1-5

Jeff Bowles, Donald L. Blount and Associates, INC.
Propulsion Trade Study of a Hybrid USV

2016 1-6

High Speed Boat Simulator

2016 1-7

David Tuck

Lessons learned – Incidents and accidents at high speeds in adverse conditions RNLI

2016 1-9

Carl Magnus Ullman

Steering bar system for enhanced and intuitive vessel control

2016 1-10

S.A. Hendriks

Steps taken forward and the upcoming measuring campaign on the Netherlands F.R.I.S.C.

2016 1-11

Jaakko Pitkäjärvi

Results of Shock Exposure Survey in Finnish Sea Rescue Institution

2016 1-12

Prof. Cameron Dale Bass
High Speed Craft Operations – Biomechanics of Women

2016 1-13

Michael Blood

Fast Rescue Boat Operation Training

2016 1-14

Paul Solberg
Physical performance and muscle activity during a 3 hour high speed boat trip

2016 1-16

Dr. Johan Ullman
What causes injuries? – What exposure is relevant to measure?

2016 1-17

Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta

2016 1-18

Mario Pinto

Future challenges and operational demands for the Maritime Police and Sea Rescue

2016 1-19

Dr. Jack Tse

Current and future design work – Light weight aerodynamic trimarans
2016 1-20
Kongsberg Seatex & Sea Cross Marine
Remotely controlled reconnaissance and surveillance

2016 1-21

Mikael Hinnersson
Impressions of Search & Rescue work in the refugee flow of the Aegean Sea

2016 1-22

Per Egon Persson
Making SAR boats efficient in harsh environments

2016 1-23

Håkan Lindström, PeteStep

New hull concept reducing wake, drag and slam

2016 1-25

Rick Allamby
Aerial Delivery Systems

2016 1-26

Spectre H.hartman
Building a Naval Academy from scratch – Practical, cultural and political challenges in Mozambique

2016 1-27

Trevor Dobbins
New Guidance, Instruction & Developments

2016 1-28

Bruno Tideman

HDPE as hull material

2016 1-29

Volvo Penta
Volvo Penta innovations for marine professionals

2016 1-30


Using SOLAS applications in High Speed Crafts

2016 1-31

Christer Widmark

Vessel Motion Monitoring

2016 1-33

Þorsteinn Jónínuson, Rafnar
The journey of Embla from Reykjavik, Iceland to Gothenburg, Sweden

2016 1-35

Chris Pontet
Improved Information Display Layouts & Enhanced Situational Awareness to Support Assault Navigation

2016 1-37

Christer Flodman

OXE– technology behind the Diesel Outboard

2016 1-39

The evolution of small waterjet propulsion systems within recent years

2016 1-41

Andreas Nordstrand

Reducing noise levels in high speed patrol craft, how to do it and why

2016 1-44

Roel Foolen
The new Damen RIB-series development

2016 1-45

Barry Dreyfus Jr.
Providing platforms for US and our allies

2015 1-1

Ed Veen and Bob MacDonald

Building a Coast Guard

2015 1-3

French Commandos
Setting requirements and creating a highly modular RIB to meet operational challenges

2015 1-4

Koninklijke Marine
Mitigation of Consequences of Physical Loads on Royal Netherlands Navy H-S Craft Personnel

2015 1-5

Armando Marques Guedes

Threats in the Atlantic Arena

2015 1-6

Donald L Blount & Associates
Diesel, hybrid, electric – What is feasible today?

2015 1-7

James Wilton

Defining and selecting the ultimate High Speed Boat

2015 1-8

Peter Keyes

National Standard for Commercial HS Boats in Australia

2015 1-09

Willard Marine

Operational Risk Management

2015 1-10

Johan Ullman

Designing H-S Boat Cockpits for Humans

2015 1-11

Andreas Isaksson

Boat Crew Training

2015 1-12

Johan Ullman

Measuring Impact Exposure – What is Relevant to Prevent Injuries

2015 1-13

Wilhelm Forser and Carl Magnus Ullman

Steering Bar System for Enhanced Vessel Control

2015 1-14

Spanish Red Cross
Sea Rescue Operations – Building up a Fleet to Meet Increasing Challenges

2015 1-15

Dr. Liam Gannon

Shock Mitigating Seat Single Impact Test Program

2015 1-16


Development of Professional Interceptors for Serial Production

2015 1-17

Rafnar & Icelandic Coast Guard
Radically new hull vessel design. Protecting crewmen in extreme conditions

2015 1-18

Atlantic Eagle Ship Building
Air Supported Vessel (ASV) technology for improved high speed operations

2015 1-19

Harald Nilsonne

High speed navigation in littoral waters

2015 1-20

Dr. Trevor Dobbins

Exoskeleton on board high speed boats

2015 1-21

Paul Glatzel

Managing and reducing risk and incidents as a high speed boat operator

2014 1-1

Rear Admiral Thomas E. Engevall

Welcoming address

2014 1-2

Ed Veen
Key Note

2014 1-3

C. Cain, A. Hughes and D. Goves

Challenges and solutions for integrating ships and boats

2014 1-4

Jeffrey Bowles

Seakeeping By Design

2014 1-5

Per Landegren

Active ride control using Interceptor Technology

2014 1-6

Passive Ride Control by Means of Hydrofoil Stabilized Catamarans

2014 1-7

HSBO Forum

Boat Presentations 2014

2014 1-8

Jon Ivar Kjellin and Jon-Sølve Fredheim

Fast Patrol Boat Navigation Norwegian Naval Special Warfare

2014 1-9

Andrew Lea and George Robson

Effective Prototype to Full Scale Development Methods – Innovative High Speed Vessel Designs

2014 1-10

Roy Nouhra

Amphibious Craft

2014 1-11

G. Burema and C. Hukema
On the edge of the Axe- the design and development of the new lifeboat for KNRM

2014 1-12

Shiv Kumar Raghav and Albert Nazarov

New 16m Interceptor Class

2014 1-13

Jaap Gelling

The Damen Sea Axe

2014 1-16

Cameron R Bass

Prediction of Human Injury Risk in High Speed Craft

2014 1-17

Hans Putters

Preventing Slamming Impact Injuries

2014 1-18

Rachel Andrews

Slip, Trip, Flip and Ejection

2014 1-19

Lorne Campbell

The Mechanics of High Speed Boat Accidents

2014 1-20

Karl Garme

Long term measurement in the SWE CG for assessment of HSC crew exposure to vibration and shock

2014 1-21

Jon Wingren

High speed pod propulsion – application and integration

2014 1-22

Josh Armstrong

Selecting Propulsion Types

2014 1-23

Jeffrey Bowles

Propulsion Systems Discussion

2014 1-24

Bob MacDonald

Build the boat around the people

2014 1-25

Cdr Richard Finnemore

UK MoD Approach to Managing Whole Body Shock and Vibration in Small Fast Craft

2014 1-26

Thomas Coe

Development of a suspension seat test protocol

2014 1-29

Andreas Isaksson

Crew Training for Survivability and Operational Success

2014 1-30

Rick Allamby

RIB aerial delivery for counter terrorism, anti piracy and search and rescue operations

2014 1-31

Dr. Håkan Lans

The History of Developmentand Standardiza;onof the AIS system

2014 1-32

Harald Nilsonne

High speed navigation in litoral waters

2012 1-1

Lorne Campbell

Notes on Stepped Hulls

2012 1-2

The Swedish Coast Guard
At High Speed

2012 1-3

Frank deBord
Overview of Current U.S. Coast Guard Small Boat Programs

2012 1-4

Dog Phillips
The FCB Project Nigeria

2012 1-5

Stefan Gustafsson
Extrema Littoral Operations

2012 1-6

Jussi Mannerberg
On Water Impact Measurement

2012 1-7

Tim Coats
Characterizing Wave Impact Response

2012 1-8

Henry Tremblay
Shore Based Training

2012 2-1

Peter Keyes
High Speed Vessel Workshop

2012 2-2

Albert Nazarov

2012 2-4

Tommi Sorvari
Finnish Navy Experiences on HSB tasks in OP Atlanta 2011

2012 2-5

Tony Springall
UK Research in Human Posture to limit WBV

2012 2-6

Bob MacDonald
The Procurement of HS Military Vessels in the 21st Century

2012 2-7

T. Dobbins and J. Hill

Professional Crew Training

2012 2-8

Remmi Pedersen
Specifying the Optimal Craft

2012 2-9

Jeremy Worth, SEACORE

Crew Transports in High Seas

2012 2-10

Magnus Mattsson
Simulation Hybrid Boat

2012 3-1

Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta
Sniper Support and Security

2012 3-2

Trevor Dobbins
Digital Human Models to Enhance

2012 3-3

Jim Colwell and Liam Gannon
Evaluating Shock Mitigation Seating

2012 3-4

Brian Kays
Navatek Aft Lifting Body for HSC

2012 3-5

Dr. Johan Ullman

Human Performance – Boat and Body Interaction Mechanisms

2012 3-6

Frida D Johnsson
Creating the Winning Proposal

2012 3-7

Tim Worral
HSCO in Hong Kong Police Force